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Businesses are evolving and increasingly we are seeing very scalable businesses that have ambitions to grow quickly. This can present a number of challenges when trying to raise traditional debt solutions. Often the debt repayments associated with the large loans, usually required, are prohibitive along with the absence of any security to offer the lender. That’s where equity investors step in.

In many instances, when you think of a scalable business it’s easy to look at tech businesses as these are of prominence in the market place. However, there are a lot of businesses trying to be the next Facebook or Google. There does appear to be a more broadening view on equity investment, looking for businesses that are in retail, ecommerce, food and drink, business services etc.

There are a number of different investors ranging from Venture Capital funds, Private Equity funds, Business Angels and High Net Worth individuals.

The world of equity investment is well established and can seem quite daunting however we are here you guide you through the process.

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