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EST Commercial Finance has been extremely helpful to us in navigating the options available to financing our company. When I contacted EST I was worried that we'd just keep hearing, 'Sorry, we can't help you.', as I was hearing that a lot. They took the time to understand our business plan and our needs and looked into a number of options for us, all before even discussing a contract for his service. They clearly explained the options and technicalities to us, which helped reduce a lot of the stress and uncertainty we were facing, and they only offered a contracted service after assessing whether or not they could help. It turns out there was a financing option that we could easily explore ourselves and instead of inserting themselves in to the picture to ensure they were paid, he advised us to pursue this option without him so we could save money. It was clear that EST Commercial Finance had our best interest at heart. We will be going back to them the next time we are expanding our business.

Kendra Tanner, Three-Sixty Aquaculture Ltd

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